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Impossibly Possible. 2 Timothy 2

September 18, 2019

Daniel chapter two is quite a rollercoaster of a story. How awful would it be if you had to walk into work tomorrow and be given an impossible task? An impossible task that results in devastating consequences for you if it doesn’t get completed. How would you respond? Daniel was faced with the “impossible” task of interpreting a powerful king’s dream under the penalty of death. Not only did he have to interpret the dream, but he must describe the dream to the king as well. Yet, Daniel moves forward in faith by scheduling an appointment with the king to interpret it for him (even though Daniel did not yet know the dream). In the end, God reveals the dream to Daniel, the king of Babylon worships God as Sovereign, and Daniel is promoted to a prestigious and influential position in the kingdom.

As I reflect on the unfolding of this historical drama, I can’t help but admire the incredible faith Daniel displayed under intense pressure. Daniel seemed to respond to the immovable truth that God is bigger than our present circumstances as he acknowledged the absolute authority of God in all of creation (20-23). Sometimes, the seemingly impossible “tasks/relationships/decisions” are directly related to my understanding of recognizing who God is. My mind cannot comprehend the incredible reality that God is bigger.

Everyday God invites us to accompany Him on a daily journey through which he continually reveals how he is always bigger than our present circumstances. God is always sovereign. He always works out his kingdom agenda in this world. He is Lord of the impossibly possible relationships, hurdles, and mountains in our lives. So, as we pursue Christ today and every day, I invite you to join me in reflecting on how God is always bigger than our present circumstances.     .

Life Application Questions:

  1. What were some specific ways that God is revealed as bigger than the present circumstances in Daniel 2:1-49?
  2. What are some areas in your life where you might limit the bigger truth of God? Are there any decisions? Relationships? Hurts? Dreams? that might impact your view of Him?


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