Prayer Partners

Prayer Partner Logo 2Our desire is that every member of our church be able to connect with a personal prayer partner.

What is a Prayer Partner?

What is a Prayer Partner?

Prayer partners are a small group of 2 or 3 that is committed to pray regularly for one another.  Each prayer partner commits to:

1. Pray for each other daily.

2. Connect with each other weekly (by phone, email, or text).

3. Meet face to face to pray together at least monthly.

The Prayer Partner relationship is the most basic part of the discipleship plan for every person at WL.

How do I find a Prayer Partner?

The best way to find a prayer partner is to just ask, and the best place to ask is in your Adult Bible Fellowship, Ministry Team, or Life Group.  Regardless, pray about who you could ask.  God will answer your prayer and help direct you to the right person!  


Resources for Prayer Partners

Female2 2A Partner and a Plan
Now that you have a prayer partner, what's your plan to read the word this year?
You can access the WLGBC Bible reading plan HERE.
One otherreading plan we recommend is the Read Scripture App. Find out more at The Bible Project.

Recommended Reading:

  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire or Fresh Power by Jim Cymbala
  • Crazy Love or Forgotten God by Francis Chan

Accountability Resources:

Prayer Team

Male Prayer PartnersThe WLGBC prayer team exists to facilitate and promote prayer within the church body. Our goal is to equip the various ministries with the necessary information to most effectively pray for the needs of others. If you wish to start a prayer group, but don't know where to start, we'd love to help! Here are some areas where prayer is already taking place that we'd be happy to plug you into.

  • Global prayer group on Thursday nights
  • ABFs on Sunday mornings
  • Small group meetings throughout the week
  • Sunday morning prayer time for the service
  • Fight Club and Women of Grace groups
  • We Care Warsaw
  • Pastoral Prayer Group

There are many areas that are in need for prayer in our church. You can choose several of these and pray faithfully for them or you can pray for all of them.

  • Pastoral, Youth, and Children's work staff
  • ENL
  • ABF leaders and teachers
  • Secretaries and custodial workers
  • Missionaries sponsored by our church
  • Ushers, greeters, coffee crew, and other volunteer workers
  • Church body health needs

Contact our Prayer Partner Coordinator Scott Schneider at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions about Prayer Partners.