Out Planting

WLGBC Implementation of the Agricultural Metaphor

Out Planting is the term WLGBC uses to refer to evangelism based on the New Testament picture of agriculture.  The picture presents an organic/natural approach where Christ-followers engage not-yet-believers in their normal activities in their everyday world.  This approach is relational and conversational. 

The New Testament lists three essential agriculture elements in 1 Corinthians 3:5-9.

1. Field - A field is where you have contact with not-yet-believers. WLGBC identifies four kinds of fields:

  1. On-going fields - People you see on a regular basis; for example, every day at work or in the neighborhood.
  2. Periodic fields - People you see once-in-a-while: weekly, monthly or quarterly; for example, clients, patients and customers or clerks, attendants and servers.
  3. Momentary fields - People you see for a short period of time:  clerks in a store, cashiers in the check-out line or servers in a restaurant.
  4. Social media fields - Facebook, Global Media Outreach, e-mails, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedi--people literally at your fingertips worldwide.

2. Seed - In the New Testament there are two kinds of seed that need to be planted into the lives of people in your fields:

  1. Believers are seed, Matthew 13:37-38
  2. Word of God is seed, Matthew 13:19; Mark 4:14; Luke 8:11

3. Water - The “PR” method of watering seed:

  1. Prayer, Ephesians 1:18
  2. Relationships – Contact and conversations

Out Planting Teammates

A mobilization strategy mobilizing fellow Christ-followers (regardless of church affiliation) in On-going and Periodic Fields (work, neighborhood, service organization, club, restaurant, sports team, etc.) to band together to be salt and light.   

Five ways to look at Out Planting Teammates:

  1. A relationship between 2-3 disciples of Jesus practicing a loving lifestyle of grace-based truth in a non-religious place.
  2. A small disciple-making community located outside the local-church congregation.
  3. A group of 2-3 Christ-followers who covenant together to display God’s glory through actions and words in order to bridge into the lives of co-workers with the good news of Jesus.
  4. A group of 2-3 followers of Jesus intentionally radiating the love of God in a secular context.
  5. A “missionary” team where you work.