For WL Grace Brethren Family

Up to ten grants, each of $1,000, are being made available for individuals in the WL Grace Family (ages 15 and up) for developing and carrying out an initiative to demonstrate love to people in our community as a means of “reaching our world locally.”

Prioritization of grants awarded will be based on the following criteria:

  • Focused on building relationships. People focused vs. project focused. We are looking for creative and healthy ways to reach out to our community that put the emphasis on relationships and less on projects or events.   Just to be clear, events and projects are not bad, but the hope is that they are simply a catalyst to relationships and discipleship. A project might give the initial steps toward building a friendship/relationship, which could move toward proactively taking the next step toward discipleship
  • Unique and expanding. The initiative should be new or an expansion of an existing initiative an individual from the WL Grace family may already be doing singlehandedly and with the Grant will invite others to come along side of them in a team effort.
  • Potential for on-going ministry vs. once and done
  • You and your team will implement, carry out and champion the idea.

Timetable – the application deadline is September 16. Grant Recipients will be announced at the September 30th WL Homecoming Service. The grant monies must be activated in part or whole no later than December 1, 2018. In other words, the new ministry initiative must be started by this date.

  • Up to 3 of the 10 grants are available for School Teachers who are part of the WL Grace Family.

For Paper form to print and send:  Click here for the “Blessing our Community” Grant Application Form for WL Teachers.

  • Up to 7 of 10 grants are available to anyone in the WL Grace Family, ages 15 and up.

For Paper form to print and send:  Click here for the “Blessing our Community” Grant Application Form for the Church-Wide WL Grace Family