Steps to Long Term Missions

A.  Mission Action Plan

  1. MAP for Longer-Term Mission
    1. WL/God’s Plan: In light of the mandate of the Great Commission to reach out to “all nations” (Matthew 28:19), with a desire to join the movement of the Holy Spirit among the worldwide Body of Christ in targeting the “least reached” (including Encompass World Partners), and after much prayer and discussion, the Pastoral Leadership Team has determined the following MAP as God’s mission action plan for the Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church 
    2. WL Promotion – 7 FAQ’s –
      1. Why a training process?
        1. Cross-cultural missions (to a different language and culture) is perhaps the most strenuous context of ministry.  For example, one-third of the first missionary team “bailed” out and returned home (Mark).  The “call” must be clear!  Faith-driven intentional tenacity is a must!  Note that Barnabas and Saul were recognized and experienced leaders in the church in Antioch (Acts 13).  Therefore, it is imperative for the local church to send those who have been trained and validated by the congregation
      2. Who should go?
        1. Those who evidence a call from the Holy Spirit, validated in their heart and confirmed by others
        2. Those who demonstrate a consistent track record in ministry and  the ability to work in unity on a team
        3. Those who display a lifestyle of working their fields according to the principles of Out Planting
        4. WLGBC believes God calls individuals to support the mission of the church.  The church is not encumbered to support the “call” of individuals
      3. Where should they go?  To whom?
        1. Desiring to participate in the movement of the Holy Spirit to “finish the task” among the least reached, and to align with Encompass World Partners and other recognized mission organizations, we will promote and target “unreached people groups” as defined by the Joshua Project
        2. Understanding the value of teamwork, field choice and/or people group targeting should include the priority of joining the work of current WLGBC missionaries
        3. Consideration will be extended to alternate opportunities on a case-by-case basis
      4. What should they do?
        1. In terms of gifting, work within their strength according to the five gifts in Ephesians 4:11:  Apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd and teacher
        2. In terms of ministry, participate in either church planting, leadership development or integrated ministries in order to fulfill the prediction of Jesus in Matthew 16:18, “I will build my church.”
      5. When should they go?
        1. Upon successfully completing the training process, the candidate will be recommended by the PLT to the Overseer Leadership Team for missionary service
        2. If approved, the Overseer Leadership Team will recommend the candidate to the mission organization
      6. With whom should they go?
        1. Since WLGBC belongs to the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, we will mobilize and train candidates for service with Encompass World Partners
        2. Other organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis
      7. How should WLGBC missionaries be reviewed while on Home Ministries?
        1. A “shepherding” review by the Missionary Care Team & Great Commission Partner
          • What are you most excited about right now?
          • What do you wish you could spend more time on?
          • What’s most challenging?
          • Anything bugging you?
          • Rate your marriage 1-10 (Each spouse asked alone)
          • Rate your family 1-10 (Each spouse asked alone)
          • How is your relationship with your mission organization?
          • How is your relationship with WLGBC?
          • What can WLGBC do to help?
        2. A “ministry” review by the Pastor of Mobilization
          • Introduce or review Out Planting
          • In terms of planting and watering in light of 1 Corinthians 3:8:  Name your fields, name your names, tell stories
          • Demonstrate how you arrange your schedule around your fields
          • What religious and cultural barriers do you face while Out Planting?
          • For missionaries serving with Encompass, a review of their I-MAP (Individual Mission Action Plan)
          • For missionaries not serving with Encompass, a review using the I-MAP concept as a frame-of-reference
    3. Non-WL Possibilities – Support requests from outside WLGBC
      1. Consideration will be given to requests from outside WLGBC if the candidate is going to join a missionary supported by WLGBC or if the request is strategic in targeting “unreached people groups”
      2. The candidate will complete Getting in Step to Longer-Term Mission or a modified version
  2. MAP for Short-Term Mission Experience
    1. See Short Term Missions.

B.  Roadmap For WLGBC Global Team Candidates

Entering the training process – Getting In Step For Longer-term Mission:

Upon receiving a “Green Light” from the Pastor of Mobilization, the candidate may approach the Pastoral Leadership Team (PLT) requesting an invitation to begin the training process.  Refer to Step 1 in the Getting in Step process below.

Completing the training process - Getting In Step For Longer-term Mission:

  1. Upon completion of the training process, the PLT will recommend to the Overseer Leadership Team to give final approval on behalf of the church to seek ministry with the candidates’ chosen mission agency.
  2. Upon approval by the Overseer Leadership Team, the candidate will be introduced to the congregation, along with his/her/their Great Commission Partner by video and from the pulpit during the three Sunday morning worship services.
  3. The candidate can send a church-wide mailing in order to introduce, inform, inspire and invite people to join their prayer and financial support team.  In order to keep financial appeals in a relational/conversational context (ABF’s, small groups, home groups, one-on-one, etc.), do not send direct financial requests in church-wide mailings. 
  4. After the introduction in the Worship Service and the church mailing, the candidate can visit ABF’s, small groups, home groups and individuals seeking prayer and financial partners using the WLGBC support commitment card.
  5. In order that our ministries and missionaries remain strong financially, it is imperative that our Mission Finance Policy be stressed and followed.

"Any support raised in the church for new missionaries or for increases to current missionaries must be communicated to our constituents as commitments and contributions “over and above” their current giving to WLGBC missions and/or the general fund. This applies to all forms of communications, including personal appeals, letters, or public requests."