Short-Term Missions


In a family, we need to cooperate together to know when and how we can facilitate short-term mission trips. So come talk to us about how God is working in your life and where He would send you.


Ministry trips are not a vacation. This is spiritual warfare. The kingdom is being advanced and Satan doesn't like that. We want to make sure that everyone who goes is equally prepared for their trip. We will give you educational materials and an opportunity to meet with a pastor. We want you to feel encouraged and fully prepared for the mission God has for you.


God is going to use you on your trip. We as a church family want to celebrate with you. There are many different ways to share your experiences from your trip when you return. You might share with your small group, ABFs, or other possibilities such as speaking to the youth or Women of Grace. We want everyone to write out a summary of your trip for the short-term missions blog, so that everyone in the church has a chance to join you in celebrating what God has done.

If you've heard of a specific trip you are interested in or if you just want to know what is available, please contact us first. We look forward to working with you to fulfill the mission God has given to our church family.

Steps to Short-Term Missions

  1. Contact the Missions and Evangelism team as you are considering a short-term experience and before engaging the church in raising support. 
  2. Fill out an application and meet with an M&E team member.
  3. M&E team will evaluate each trip to coordinate how much the church will help.
  4. If you are approved by the M&E team, the church will open an account so that people from our church family can give toward your trip.
  5. Send out support letters to family, friends, and possibly the church.
  6. Work with the M&E team to get spiritually prepared for your trip.
  7. We will celebrate together with you and the church when you have reached your goal.

We Want Everyone to go on a Short-Term Mission Trip!

Do you realize that the Apostle Paul's ministry consisted of many short-term mission trips? It's been calculated that Paul went on nineteen such trips!

One example is Philippi. In several days he cast out a demon from a slave girl, got arrested, beaten, and put in prison, baptized two families and then was asked to leave the city. The result? The Church of the Philippians. Paul spent three weeks in Thessalonica until he was thrown out of the city. The result? The Church of the Thessalonians. As you can see, the Holy Spirit can do much in a short time.

Short-Term Mission Trips give you the opportunity to plant yourself into the nations of the world, locally and globally, and see what God will do!