Great Commission Partners

What is a Great Commission Partner?

The Great Commission Partner is the designated link between the church and the global teammate for communication and prayer.  Though the global teammates have several prayer partners in the church with whom they communicate, the Great Commission Partner is commissioned by the church to coordinate this communication and report the needs of the global teammate to the Global Care team, which will ensure that these needs are known and followed-up by those responsible in the church.  These needs include prayer and support needs, as well as coordinating global teammate visits to the church.

How are Great Commission Partners chosen?

The selection and appointment of the Great Commission Partner should be the result of a three-way agreement between the global teammate, the partner, and the Global Care team.  When possible the person chosen as partner should already have strong relational ties with the global teammate, and a deep personal interest in their ministry.

What are the responsibilities of the Great Commission Partner?

1.  Become personally acquainted with the ministry of the global teammate and his yearly ministry goals.

2.  Maintain monthly communication with the global teammate, preferably by phone or Skype, seeking the following information: outstanding blessings, principal ministry needs, progress toward goals, family concerns.

3.  Communicate to the global teammate the important news and prayer needs of the church.

4.  Forward praise and prayer requests to  the Global Care Team GCP Coordinator on a monthly basis.  Forward these requests to prayer groups, ABFs, Global Prayer Group, WL Kids Ministries and youth, as needed. 

5.  Communicate regularly with the Great Commission Partner Coordinator on the Global Care Team to evaluate the effectiveness of the church-global teammate relationships. 

6.  Seek to arrange a visit to/by the global teammate every four years, either personally or by recruiting others.

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