Sun, May 09, 2021
Exodus 11-13 by Lucas Cone
Series: Exodus: Journey to Freedom


Exodus 11-13

Lucas Cone

1. A victory is secured (11:4-8; 12:31-32)
2. A firstborn is delivered (4:22; 13:1-2)
3. A lamb is sacrificed (12:1-10; Isaiah 53:5-7)

Life Application Questions

1. Pharaoh is defeated in chapters 11-13, and he lets Israel go.  However, he and his army were not destroyed until later.  Our great enemy Satan was also defeated at the cross.  Any legitimate power and authority he had was taken away.  However, God has not destroyed him yet.  Why not?  What does this story teach us about actively waiting for God’s justice?
2. God purchased our redemption with the blood of His “Firstborn,” the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  What are different ways we can remind ourselves of this fundamental truth that defines our lives?  How does your family do this?
3. What were different ways people, both Israelite and Egyptian, could have responded to the command to put the blood of a sacrificed lamb on the doorposts of their houses?  What are ways people respond today to the truth that our salvation is accomplished by the blood of the Lamb of God?  What is a healthy response which recognizes both the sufficiency of Christ and our need to clean out the “leaven” in our lives (read 1 Cor 5:6-8)?