Sun, Feb 28, 2021
Changed Lives
Luke 5:27-32 & Luke 19:1-10 by Kip Cone
Changed Lives
Series: This Is Us

This is Us: Changed Lives.

Luke 5:27-32; Luke 19:1-10

Kip Cone

Lives are changed…

when we see people not labels. 

when people get to know Jesus.

when we share Jesus’ priorities. 

when we choose to bless people. 

Begin with prayer. (

Listen with care.

Eat together.

Serve in love.

Share your stories and the story.

Questions for Discussion

  1. What did Jesus see in Matthew and Zacchaeus that the Pharisees did not?  What caused the Pharisees to miss this?  What caused Jesus to see it?
  2. In what ways can we sometimes be like the Pharisees in these stories?  Why is that?  What will have to happen in our hearts, minds, and attitudes, if we are going to change?
  3. Which part of the BLESS approach do you like best?  Why?  How could your Life Group use the BLESS ideas?