Sun, Apr 26, 2020
The Great Global Conversation
Acts 1:1-11 by Kip Cone
The Great Global Conversation
Series: Conversations - How Jesus Engaged Others
  1. The Conversation Continues Acts 1:1


  1. The Conversation is for Everyone. Acts 1:8; 5:42; 2:47; 5:14; 8:1; 19:10; 28:31  


  1. The Conversation is all about Jesus.  Acts 2:36-38

Discussion Questions

  1. If Jesus accomplished his mission on earth, what is the mission he is accomplishing through his spiritual body, the Church?

  2. J. D. Greear writes: “The question is no longer if we are called to leverage our lives for the Great Commission only where and how.:  Do you agree that every believer is called to use their gifts and abilities for the advancement of Christ’s mission in the world?  Discuss.

  3. The conversation about Jesus can be continued in lots of creative ways.  Talk about different ways the conversation about Jesus can be continued in our community.