Sun, Dec 12, 2021

Your Journey to the King

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Your Journey to the King

Your Journey to the King

Matthew 2:1-12

Bruce Barlow

  1. King Herod & The Magi I  Matthew 2:1-2
  2. King Herod & The Jewish Leaders  Matthew 2:3-6
  3. King Herod & The Magi II  Matthew 2:7-8
  4. The Magi & Jesus. Matthew 2:9-12

Find Yourself

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Magi Takeaways

Your Journey


Life Application Questions:

  1. The gospel writers were selective about what they included in the story of Jesus. Why did Matthew choose to include the story of the
    Magi? What does this account contribute to the theme of Matthew?

  2. Herod was an extreme despot. Nonetheless, are there shades of Herod in our hearts as well? If so, what are they?

  3. What do we learn from the Magi? How should we emulate them? How can we imitate them this Christmas season?

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