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When the dogs didn’t bark and the horses didn’t swim

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When the dogs didn’t bark and the horses didn’t swim

When the dogs didn’t bark and the horses didn’t swim 

Exodus 14-15

Pharaoh’s pursuit - Exodus 14:6-9

Israel’s panic - Exodus 14:11

Moses’ reassurance - Exodus 14:13-14

God’s commands - Exodus 14:15-16

God’s protection - Exodus 14:19-20

God’s tactic - Exodus 14:23-24

God’s victory - Exodus 14:27-28

Israel’s faith - Exodus 14:31

Applying the truth

Praise God through singing - Exodus 15:1

Praise God for His power - Exodus 15:2-6

Praise God for Jesus - Exodus 9:30-31

Praise God for His faithfulness - Genesis 12:3; Exodus 12:38

Life Application Questions

  1. Who do you think was the real “god” of the Egyptians? When push came to shove, in whom or in what did they actually put their trust?  What was the “god” of the Egyptians that Yahweh was destroying in this final confrontation?  (I’m thinking of the Egyptian army, representing human power, strength, ability)  Must God destroy the same “god” in our lives?  How?    
  2. The Israelites found themselves between a rock and a hard place. What was their only choice? Does God sometimes do the same to us?  How?
  3. God fought the Israelite’s battle for them. In what ways does God fight our battles for us? What does he expect of us? 
  4. Praise plays a powerful role in this story. What role does praise play in your life?
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