Sun, Jun 13, 2021

Relating to God

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Relating to God

Exodus 32-34

Joe Jackson

June 13, 2021

R __________________________   (32:1-6)

R _________________________   (32:30-33:6)

R ______________________    (33:13-18)

R ______________________  (34:5-7)

R ________________________  (34:8)


Life Application Questions:

  1. Why is it important to recognize our rebellion if we’re going to relate to God?
  2. If the one, true God is a God of forgiveness, then why are there still consequences for sin? Is it a contradiction for God to forgive and still punish? Who does God forgive? What is the difference between punishment and consequences?
  3. Why does God relent and allow His glorious presence to accompany the Israelites (see 33:12-17 but particularly verse 17)? How does Moses foreshadow Christ in these verses?
  4. If everyone has a built-in hunger for God, why doesn’t it drive more people? How does God make us hungry and thirsty for Him? How does God reveal His glory to us?
  5. How do we move from settling for the “peanut butter sandwich” version of Christianity to feasting on the “buffet” of God? 
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"Your word is truth," said Jesus to his Father (John 17:17). We want to build our lives on this truth. The Bible is God's self-revelation, given to us so that we can know him and his Son Jesus.