Sun, Aug 22, 2021

Re-Connect…to Friends for Life

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Re-Connect…to Friends for Life Love Each Other
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Spiritual Friendships

John 15 Tim Wright August 22, 2021

The product of remaining in Christ’s love is _________.

The pattern for loving others is ________ ______________.

The picture of our love is _______________________. What is spiritual friendship?

A commitment to:


Love always involves __________.


What isn’t spiritual friendship?


Friendship and the Church
Loving friendship in action

Turn the _________ for someone else


Life Application Questions:

  1. What did He produce in you as a result?

  2. What have you found helpful to keep your joy-tank full?

  3. Why is self-sacrifice the key to all relationships? What positive models have you seen of self-sacrifice in action?

  4. Re-read John 15:14-16. Think of as many benefits as possible to being a friend of God.

  5. Look back at what spiritual friendship is and isn’t. What part of spiritual friendship is easiest for you? Hardest for you?

  6. If you have spiritual friends who plant, water, prune, and weed in the soil of your life, describe what that looks like and how God has used it for your flourishing.

  7. How can you turn the key of spiritual friendship for someone else this week?

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