Sun, Apr 25, 2021

Out of Egypt (but not yet...)

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Out of Egypt (but not yet...)
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Out of Egypt (but not yet...)

Exodus 5&6

Sam Yeiter

  1. A Rough Start (5:1-21)
  1. Doubting God (5:22-23)
  1. Resetting Perspective (6:1-8)
  1. Personal Clarity 
  1. So What?



Life Application Questions

  1. When do we feel tension or conflict between our life experiences and God’s promises?Do you have any examples?
  2. How are we supposed to respond when something we believe God has called us to do doesn’t work?How should we react when obedience results in rejection, hardship, or failure?
  3. If God hasn’t promised us success, what has he promised us?What can we be sure of, even when life doesn’t go the way we expect?What is achievement and success in God’s sight?  


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