Sun, Apr 23, 2023

Nothing New Under the Sun

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Nothing New Under the Sun

What is the book of Ecclesiastes about?

What is the problem?

What is the solution?

The world does not contain the ___________ to _____________. We ________ ______ ___________ _________________ .

 Life Application Questions:

  1. What is wisdom? Define it. What do the first three chapters of Ecclesiastes tell about wisdom?

  2. Why is it impossible to find fulfillment “under the sun”? Why doesn’t wisdom bring fulfillment (1:12-18)? Why don’t pleasure and escapism bring fulfillment (2:1-11)? Why don’t achievement and building a legacy bring fulfillment (2:12-23)?

  3. The Book of Ecclesiastes can feel cynical and pessimistic. What hope do you find in the first three chapters of Ecclesiastes? Consider 2:24-26 and 3:9-15. What is missing from “the teacher’s” wisdom, which Jesus Christ and the New Testament bring into the picture?

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