Sun, Apr 05, 2020

Not My King

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Not My King

John 18:28-19:22
Sam Yeiter

  1. A Crucial Question: Are you the King of the Jews?

  2. The King They Wanted (John 12:12-16)

  3. The King’s Command (John 13:34-35; 14:21-21)

  4. Pilate’s Focus & Pilate’s Problem (John 18:28-19:22)

  5. A Crucial Question: Is Jesus Your King?

Questions For Discussion

  1. Jesus came as King, but people wanted to remake him in the image of King they wanted. What kind of King were the crowds hoping for? What kind of King were the Jewish leaders looking for? What kind of King did Pilate think Jesus was? What kind of King do you desire? What kind of King did Jesus come to be?

  2. Describe how Jesus has loved us? What did it require of him? What would that same kind of love look like in our lives? What keeps us from loving other that way? What empowers us to love others that way? What can you do this week to obey the King’s command?

  3. In the end, Pilate believed Jesus was a king, just not his king. What is the difference between believing Jesus is King and having Jesus as King?

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