Sun, Jun 21, 2020

Hungry For God’s Voice

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Hungry For God’s Voice
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People of the Book…

1. Hunger for God’s Word. (7:73-8:3a)

2. Honor God’s Word. (8:3b-6)

3. Work at understanding and applying God’s Word in community. (8:7-8)

4. Are convicted and encouraged by His Word. (8:9-12)

5. Joyfully obey God’s Word. (8:13-18)

Discussion Questions

1. What keeps us from hungering for God’s Word and what cultivates hunger for God’s Word?

2. We read in the Bible that wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. In Nehemiah 8, Nehemiah tells the people that “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Explain how these two concepts (the fear of the Lord and the joy of the Lord) work together to shape us as believers.

3. If obedience results in joy, why is it so hard to obey?

4. How can a community of believers help one another understand and apply God’s Word?

5. What has helped you most in developing a routine of hearing God’s voice through His Word?

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