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Doing Whatever It Takes 

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Doing Whatever It Takes 
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Doing Whatever It Takes 

Kip Cone

Matthew 18:1-14

A great reversal:  Who is the greatest in God’s eyes? (Matt. 18:1-10)

A great irony:  The high value of rescuing the “worthless.”  (Matthew 18:12-14) 


A great challenge:  What does it mean for us to “do whatever it takes” to help the next generations find and follow Jesus?

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does it mean “to become like little children” (Matt. 18:3)?  What would have to change in our thinking, in our attitudes, in our decisions, in our living in order to be like little children?  How should we not be like little children?
  2. Matthew 18 is not the only time in Christ’s ministry when Jesus had to confront his followers on this theme.  Read Matthew 20:17-28.  What does this text add to the discussion of God’s view of greatness?
  3. In what ways are you involved in helping the next generations find and follow Jesus?
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