Sun, Apr 19, 2020

A Conversation About Love

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A Conversation About Love
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A Conversation about Love

John 21

8th message in the “Conversations: How Jesus Engaged Others” sermon series


Why did Peter and the others go back to fishing?

  1. Peter’s Failure
    1. He boasted - John 13:31-38 and Matthew 26:31-35
    2. He denied – Matthew 26:69-75
  2. Jesus’ Conversation with Peter                 John 21:15-17
    1. Question 
    2. Answer
    3. Assignment
    4. Why 3 times?
  3. Your Conversations
  4. When You Are Peter
  5. Peter’s Future                       John 21:18-19
    1. Acts 2:14-41
    2. 1 Peter 5:1-4

Follow-Up Discussion

Questions for discussion with your Life Group, family, or friends:


Read the account of Peter’s denial of Jesus in Matthew 26:69-75. If you were Peter, what thoughts and emotions do you think you’d have still been dealing with a month later? Discuss.


Why do YOU think Peter was “hurt” when Jesus asked the 3rd question? Discuss.


Can a relationship conversation take place effectively via text? Why or why not?


These days of social distancing allow us to relate via zoom, FaceTime, text, or call. We are thankful for those. But, what do they lack relationally? Discuss. What do you project will be the long-term impact of these days on relationships once this has passed?


Have you been on either side of a restorative conversation? Would you be willing to share the story?



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