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Monday, 24 May 2021 00:00
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Exodus 20:1-11

The word "rules" is distasteful to most people. “Commandments” is even worse. So, we substitute words like” guidelines” or “suggestions.” Sorry, but this won't do when we're talking about what Yahweh requires. I wonder if he thinks, "What is it about 'You may do this' or 'You may not do that' that you don't understand?"

Do you remember learning the Ten Commandments? Have they been the rules you live by? If not, why not? 

In the Ten Commandments God has very graciously given us the secret to having good relationships, first of all with himself, then with our parents, and finally with other people. I like to tell children, "Rules are like fences. They are there so you won't get hurt." 

God has given his children rules to help them avoid being hurt. 

It all begins with a right relationship with God. Humans need something or someone to worship. We have been created with such a vacuum in our hearts. But, when people don't know about the one true God, they create gods of their own. 

What are some false, man-created gods that 21st-century people worship?

Think about how blessed you are to know the one true God? But our God is a jealous God, who will not tolerate the worship of anyone or anything but himself. Thus, the first four commandments are our "rules for a relationship" with him. 

1. You must worship only me. 

2. You must not make any kind of an idol to worship in place of me.

3. You must not misuse my name.

4. You must keep the seventh day as a day of rest.

So, how are you doing with the first four? 

Dr. Rata's recent sermon on the plagues, with its application for us today, should have made us all stop and evaluate just who and what we idolize and worship. What are you worshipping before or instead of Yahweh?

Today, we may often think about our relationship with Jesus more than with God, but, of course, Jesus is God. So, the words of this gospel song should be our daily pledge. 

I'll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus

I went to visit the shrine of plenty,
But found its storerooms all filled with dust.
I bowed at altars of gold and silver,
But as I knelt there, they turned to rust

So, I'll worship only at the feet of Jesus,
His cup alone: My holy grail.
There'll be no other gods before Him
Just Jesus only will never fail.

Oh, God, help me live by this promise every day. Holy Spirit, please show me the things and people I have put before you and help me worship God alone. Amen.

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