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Monday, 05 April 2021 22:18

Unlikely to be Chosen.

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Exodus 2:11–15

Today’s Scripture resource passage provides an entryway into God’s choosing of Moses. This is no sanitized version of a squeaky clean, pure-handed individual. God’s sovereign-emphatic-sacred selection of man who brings death in his hands is startling.We should not idly ignore the blood splattered sand of Egypt. 

Moses is on a walk about, possibly investigating a construction project. The exact location is not described other than, “he went out to where his own peoplewere and watched them at their hard labor” (Exodus 2:11). While watching the hard labor an Egyptian, possibly a supervisor, can be seen beating a Hebrew slave. 

Moses steps into scene.We do not know his motivation. Perhaps he was aware of continuing mistreatment?Did he decide to set things right?We ask, “Has Moses divinely come for such a time as this?”

A flurry of unanswered questions; regardless, Scripture reports that Moses killsthe Egyptian. Murder? Manslaughter? Justifiable homicide? Hate crime?Or, an act of rescue initiated by a Good Samaritan? 

Moses may havestruck himmany timesWe could speculatethat acrushing smash to the head might have been enoughOr, after being hit in the chest the man falls.As he drops his head hits a sharp stone corner. It was a deadly encounter.Are you ready for the startling and holy transition?

Later, this same Moses will hearand act for God in ways absolutely unparalleled by others. Moses, the deadly-one, will be known as the Lawgiver of Israel.He will hand deliver the Law from the Lord to the people (Exodus 19 and 20). 

Moses,with blood on his hands,called and appointed by God?Wait—what about the Egyptian who died? Was it murder? Attorney’s would ask: was this manslaughter, justifiable homicide or a hate crimeAnd of course we want to ask, Is not this very act precisely what will be condemned in the words from Mt. Sinaithou shalt not murder’” (Exodus 20:13 KJV)

Scripture’s record offers no explanation. After reading this episode, disciples could be left confounded as again, God’s sovereignty is worked out before us.

Life Application

• How does the behavior of Moses compare to that of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)?
• Exodus 2 captures two moments of violence, one of which results in death. Disciples humbly pray askingWhat are we to do with this Moses story?”


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