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Monday, 05 April 2021 18:54

Who Will Remember You?

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Exodus 1:1-14​​​

It's been said that most people will never meet their great-grandparents. Many will not even know their names. Can you name yours? So, in reality, you and I are only three generations from extinction. This begs the question. "Who will remember us?" "In the long run, what difference does my life make?" Since most of us haven'tdone anything of lasting significance (like discover gravity or invent the light bulb), it's very likely we'll be forgotten in only a few years. 

Are you aware of any significant contributions of your ancestors that have affected you personally?

A friend who enjoys the challenges of exploring genealogy recently gave us printed records of both of our maternal and paternal ancestors. Some go back eight generations; one includes 13 generations of relatives. But just like Joseph, his brothers, and all of their generation they're all dead. And except for a line or two about their occupation and where they were born, lived, and died we know little more now than we did before she gave us the information.

What can you do now to perpetuate your memory and be an encouragement to your family at least for another generation or two?

It can be a bit discouraging if you think about it too long. "Then a new king, to whom Josephmeant nothing, came to power in Egypt" (vs. 8italics added)Even Joseph, whom God used in dramatic ways to save his father and brothers and their families(the Jewish nation) and all of Egypt,wasn't remembered after a few years. 

. . or was he? 

Ah Ha!God remembered Joseph! God's Holy Spirit, by his servant Moses recorded the story of Joseph's life for all to read and remember throughout the ages. His story is one of the most moving and inspiring in all of Scripture. What were some of the experiences Joseph endured and how did they “make the man”? The example he left of how to endure adversity, make the best of seemingly endless horrific situations, and become an effective national leader, could well be used in any "How To" manual for leaders today.

What were some of those characteristics that Joseph demonstrated that would serve us well to emulate today?

Don't be discouraged because you think your life doesn't have significance or that no one will remember you. Child of God, just think who your Father is. Rejoice that Jesus is your brother. Be encouraged that after you are gone and forgotten by your prodigy, the almighty, eternal God remembers you. 

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