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WL Women's Ministries
WL Women’s Ministries offers several ways for women to get connected to other women while growing in their spiritual walk through Mom’s Connection for preschool moms, Women’s ABF, Women’s Bible studies, Women of Grace USA for Missions as well as several yearly events for all women. As Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says in her book Adorned, “We all need each other if we are to adorn the gospel and show its beauty in our lives. Titus 2 paints for us a picture of generational wisdom flowing downhill into inexperienced hearts, where we can cycle around and back up again in a continual process of godly care and counsel.  Woman to woman. Older to Younger. Day to day. Life to life.”
Interested in being a part of an Adorned study group and learning how to live out Titus 2?

WL Women's Events

No current events available for registration at this time.

Women's Bible Studies
Ladies, throughout the year Bible studies that are of shorter length (4-12 weeks) are offered to you who wish to have an intense study of God's Word but need a shorter or different time slot. These are offered in the evening or morning depending on the season and study. Many of these studies include purchasing a member book for more in-depth study outside of class. They are not required but will aid in the discussion that takes place at each meeting and will enhance the personal depth of your study. Details of upcoming Bible studies can be found in the WL Email Update several weeks prior to their start.

Women's Adult Bible Fellowship
The Women's ABF is for women college-age and older who wish to have an ongoing Bible study with other women on a weekly basis where relationships are built and strengthened through discussion, conversations, and prayer. These are generally video-driven sessions with "homework" and discussion. The class meets during the 10:00 ABF hour each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.

Mom's Connection
Moms’ Connection at Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church is a program focused on mothers with children ranging in age from infant through Kindergarten, but all mothers are welcome. Moms’ Connection provides a faith-based, supportive environment where mothers can come together with others who are in a similar life situation. Relationships are formed that encourage moms to gain confidence, learn about mothering, and grow personally in a caring atmosphere. Programs include teaching by mentors and other speakers, discussion, community, and the opportunity to develop creativity. Meetings are at 9:30 am on the second Tuesday of each month through the school year.

Women of Grace
Women of Grace groups meet monthly on the first Tuesday. This is a time of fellowship, Bible study, and prayer for our global teammates at home and around the world. Join one of these three groups, Africa/Latin America, North America/Asia, or Europe/Great Britain.

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