Discipleship Pastor

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Job Description

Role updated: February 2023


The Discipleship Pastor realizes that the great privilege of the church is to be all-in on making disciples. He has a desire to see every adult growing in their faith as a healthy part of the church family. He can see the forest and the trees, paying attention to both the structures of church discipleship, as well as the individuals that God has given us. In short, this pastor loves helping the church follow Jesus.


Role Details
Ministry Title: Discipleship Pastor
Paid Position: Yes
Weekly expectations: 4o+ hours
Job Category: M1 Full-Time Pastoral Staff

Reports to: Lead Pastor Direct Reports: Adult age and stage ministry leadership
Works directly with: Lead Pastor, Speaking Team, Executive Team, Family Ministries staff


Qualifications and Competencies

  • A growing relationship with God, including consistent spiritual disciplines
  • Character and spiritual maturity consistent with an Elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9)
  • At least a master’s degree in a related field preferred
  • Licensure/ordination in the Charis Fellowship (or willingness to work toward), and active participation in Inspire, the Charis Fellowship ministerial association
  • Someone with a high view of scripture, and able to teach for application, think critically, and communicate effectively
  • Experience in leading one-on-one and group discipleship within a local church context
  • Someone who loves people, and who relates well cross-generationally
  • A proven record of leadership development and the ability to work well with others
  • Able to create, implement, and administrate systems within an organization
  • Agree to the WL Grace Ministry Team Agreement
  • Current passed background check on file


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Discipleship Philosophy and Strategy
    • Own and implement the comprehensive adult discipleship philosophy, strategy, and pathway
    • Collaborate and coordinate with all discipleship ministries (i.e. Family Discipleship, WL Kids and WL Students, WL Men and WL Women, North of 55, Young Adult, etc.) to continue to develop our process for growing fully mature disciples

  • Lead our church-wide adult discipleship implementation, including:
    • Leadership of adult discipleship groups
      • Implementation of a group discipleship model
      • Develop and maintain a system for recruiting and developing group leaders
      • Promotion of groups, including effective on-ramps
      • Continued development of a healthy group culture
      • Content creation
      • Resourcing of group leaders
    • Oversee and develop the Sunday AM discipleship plan
    • Oversee all adult discipleship ministries


Other Pastoral Duties and Responsibilities

  • Basic counseling, specifically focused on training discipleship group leaders as a first line of spiritual care
  • Preaching and Teaching, including serving on the Speaking Team
  • Additional leadership development
  • Intentional involvement in the community
  • Other pastoral responsibilities, including performing weddings, funerals, and baptisms
  • Other duties as assigned


Additional Expectations

  • Church membership
  • Attend regular church staff meetings
  • Attend an annual conference or study retreat for the sake of spiritual and professional ministry development
  • Lead a Life Group
  • Maintain prayer partnerships and accountability relationships
  • Maintain a mentoring relationship with at least one other pastor (not from WL Grace) for the purpose of soul-care and continuing education


Evaluation Process

Regular job performance updates and yearly reviews


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