Our Vision

We’re convinced that Jesus is both the source and goal of life. He wants us to do more than just survive this life He has created for us; He wants us to thrive—to be fully alive, as He is. 

One time Jesus used the picture of a vineyard to illustrate the kind of thriving life He wants for us. 
•      He invites us first to abide in Him, like a branch vitally connected to the life of the vine (John 15:4). 
•      Then He calls us to love each other with that same sense of vibrant, dependent connection (John 15:12). 
•      Finally, He causes our lives to produce lasting fruit, which is the joyful purpose of the vine (John 15:16).

Connect vitally to Jesus. Connect with love to each other. Connect with joy to our purpose.

This is life worth living!

And that’s why we’re passionate about connecting people to Jesus, to each other, and to their purpose in life.