LRLogo2011 2The Living Room Service
WL's Third Service
Sunday's at 11:15 am @ The Hub

The Living Room provides an informal, intimate, and interactive setting in which to connect people to God, each other, and their purpose in life.

Informal – Attendees of The Living Room are welcome to “come as they are” - we’re the less formal alternative on a Sunday morning. Get your coffee, and then get a refill during the sermon. Bring the kids – all ages are welcome. Worship as you feel led to worship!

Intimate – How often have you sat in church and not known the person sitting next to you? In The Living Room we desire to build relationships, and the intimate setting allows us to connect more freely, on a personal level, with everyone in attendance. Building relationships is a core belief of The Living Room.

Interactive –Have you ever wondered “what does that point in the sermon mean?” or maybe you've felt led to pray with a small group after a particularly moving time of worship? In The Living Room you’re not a part of the “audience” - we’re designed for active participation!

For more information, email Dave Phelps at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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