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Parent Equipping 101 is an equipping class for parents on periodic 1st Sundays of the month at 10am.


November 6: Abortion apologetics.  Guest speaker Mike Spencer (Hub Auditorium)
This isn’t a normal PE101 class, but it IS an invitation to join in with the high school students during their class.
Mike is a speaker with Life Training Institute.  For more info on Mike:

February 5: Get a grip on technology.  Various presenters. (Main Auditorium)
This is a yearly class designed for parents of all ages to help them think through the technology in their own home.
There will be several breakout topics presented so every parent can learn more about technology at their current stage.

March 5: Engaging kids spiritually at every stage.  Various presenters. (Hub Auditorium)

Past Events:

September 2015  Our plan at WL

October 2015  How parents, students, and teachers can work together

December 2015  You can get a handle on technology (Contact Tim for documents)

February 2016  Children and Spiritual Warfare (See documents below)

October 2016  Passing on Godly financial wisdom to your children