Legacy generosity is the end of life generosity, giving a gift to the ministries of WLGBC that leaves a legacy, expressing your commitment to the mission and ministries of your church after you are gone. This is thinking intentionally and biblically about the end of life stewardship.

The greatest wealth transfer in history has begun. As the boomer generation considers their children, their churches, their businesses, and charitable legacy, something from $6 to $16 trillion will be transferred.

How does your church fit in this massive transfer? Consider how God would have you do with whatever potion of those trillions He has entrusted to you. Folks on our Generosity Task Force or Mobilizing Seniors Team will be happy to discuss possibilities with you. You can leave a legacy of spiritual impact.

Periodic events will be offered to discuss wills, end of life planning, and how your gift may drive forward mission and ministry.

You can contact pastor Bruce Barlow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..