We were made to worship. 

Because we were created to know God and delight in Him, worship is essential to life.

God is both the inspiration for worship as well as the object of worship.  As we understand more and more about who God is, what He is like, and what He has done for us, our hearts are filled with wonder and joy.  And full hearts need to give expression to their gratitude, reflecting love back to God.  This is done with everything from songs of praise to acts of service.  These kinds of relational responses to the reality of God is what we call worship. 

Together, we adore God our Maker, Jesus our Savior, and the Spirit our Helper.  Just as there is diversity in God’s person and work, so we praise Him in a variety of methods and styles.  We want each person, regardless of age or preference, to connect meaningfully with Him.  As we do this, we also consider how our praise translates into daily life, because worship is more than a Sunday event.  It is a way of life.

Worship is a way of life.  At its heart worship is a conscious, glad giving of ourselves to God through Spirit-filled obedience.  Therefore, the goal of our worship services is to equip and motivates us to worship God with our whole lives all week long.