God has called us together for a purpose that is bigger than any one person.  We discover and fulfill that purpose as we look outward to serve and reach our community and our world.

Every believer is a minister.  Every Christ-follower is uniquely gifted by the Holy Spirit to help the church body mature in Christ and reflect Christ to the world.  As each person in the church discovers and does his or her work, the whole body is strengthened and reaches its potential.

It is through serving that we discover our gifts, grow in the use of them, and exercise them fully.  There is great joy in serving because ministry is not just what we do for God but rather what God does through us.  And there is nothing like being used by God for His glory. 

Ministry teams provide the most obvious opportunities for service.  Some teams minister within the church, and other teams look outward to serve and reach our community.  At last count there were over 50 ministry teams where people can get involved serving the church body or reaching out to the community.

One of the main goals of the church is to see each person reach his or her potential in Jesus.  This happens as each person is mobilized to serve and live on mission in our world.