Visions and Values

We are people with a purpose. Not a self-created or self-centered purpose. A God-given purpose that calls us to give ourselves for the good of others. In this purpose, we find meaning, life, hope, and joy.

Winona Lake Grace Church is a part of the Charis Fellowship. For more information, visit their website:



Teamwork is God's design for getting things done. We do almost everything in teams, because we believe everyone has a part to play. As we work together in humility and unity, the Spirit works through us. Our leadership and staff is committed to including others in ministry and helping each person find their place to serve.

Lead Pastor
Kip Cone

Executive Pastor
Tim Wright

Worship Director
Justin Schafer

Seniors Pastor
Bruce Barlow

Youth Pastor
Nick Deck

WL Kids
Mindy Bloomfield

Community Impact Pastor
Dave Rank

Women's Ministries
Rhonda Raber

Communications Director
Vicky Scantlen